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Best Experimental Film & Best Sound Design - October 2021 Edition


Thank you for a beautiful piece of art, Billy Marchenski. Can you share with the audience how the idea was born?

The idea for the piece comes from a dream I had as a young man, where I come face to face with Lucifer, the devil. Lucifer was the brightest star in Heaven, and was cast out of paradise for rebelling against the authority of God.

I remember telling Lesley Ewen the dream after a show one night while we were having a drink together in Vancouver. Time passed and the outbreak of Covid happened, and my family and I were in lockdown for the first time at the beginning of March in 2020. Lesley, who had been living in London for the past few years, suggested that we make something using the dream as inspiration. Since we were both stuck at home, unable to work, we decided why not? At night, after my family was in bed, I would create choreography in the living room. I got some pretty funny looks from my daughter's mum whenever she came out of the bedroom to pee, or get a glass of water. I'd record the movements on my computer and send them to Lesley who'd give feedback and inspiring images and videos of things she felt related to