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Thanks for having us Brandon Johnson. What made you want to become a film producer ? 

I always enjoyed films and story telling—all genres—from adventure, thriller, mystery, comedy, to horror, and sci-fi. 

Why did you choose to produce The Chimera Effect, and how did you finance the film ?

The Chimera Effect has characters that we all can relate to as each relationship reminds me of someone thats been in our lives. Also, dealing with loss in life and feeling like some things are left unanswered during that time of loss is relatable to me.

The funding efforts involved making meetings happen with potential investors who could see the vision of the story that could be monetized into financial success. I proved my vision along with adding my own financial risk to show the investors that I was serious. 

What do you think is the role of indie producers within the global film market ? 

If you are an indie producer and believe your project will only be appealing to one or two regions, that will limit your growth potential for views and revenue. I am not an expert, but I believe an indie film has to be relatable to as many people globally as possible.

What were the major challenges you encountered during the production of Carlos Butler's film ? 

The list is long, but I will say camaraderie. Camaraderie where the entire camp/team believes in the project. Some people take longer than others. Once you find that team and sweet spot, the project comes together. (Note that some people will never see your vision.) 

What is your vision of film distribution? Do theaters still matter? Do we still make films for "The Big Screen" ? 

I always believe you have to dream big and envision your film being looked at by the larger distribution companies. Theaters will always matter depending on the size and scope of the project. The Chimera Effect looks great on the big screen —we have seen it on a big screen at a couple of film festivals. Yet, no, we do not need the big screen to support our project. This project’s focus is on the characters and the build up to who they are and what they are experiencing. And, yes, the big stunt's and sci-fi worlds need to be seen on the big screen as that is an experience in and of itself.

Do you have any role models ? 

Absolutely. Role models pave the way and have given some sort of blueprint to all of us. Spike Lee, Viola Davis, Tyler Perry, Denis Villeneuve, Denzel Washington, Jen Knox, to name a few.

Advice to up and coming independent film producers? 

Have a PLAN while working the plan and be OPEN to adjusting and pivoting from that plan. The best idea always wins and, leave your ego at the door. Find the camaraderie and never give up. A project is NEVER completed when you are an indie producer. 

Short statement describing your vision of the post-covid cinema, do you think there will be notable changes ?

Business models will have to change. Is this project a theatrical project or a streaming project? Creatively make the project for a theatrical run as that is the overall goal. 


Brandon Johnson

Actor, Producer, Executive Producer, Comedian 

Always has a passion for great stories that has characters that are relatable. After working on smaller projects trying to get other film makers, and studios to collaborate with no success. I realize that you have to venture out create a brand and catalog. Common Ground Media team Carlos Butler, Marlon Paul, and myself is currently building that catalog. The goal is to create content that is original, authentic, that can be consumed by an audience international, and domestic. 


“The Chimera Effect” Funeral Attendee, Executive Producer, Producer

“Deception and Lies” Executive Producer

“The College Life”(short) Executive Producer

“Insanity” Executive Producer 

“Trust Issues” (short) Executive Producer 

“Ur Mines” (short) Producer 


ITW: Émilie Saada

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