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LUCIOLE D'OR - trophée étoile fluo.png

The "Luciole d'Or" Statuette (Golden Firefly) is more than just another trophy.

This sculpture is a unique, prestigious work of art which pays tribute to all the Beauty and Glamour of the 7th art.


The Statuette stands out by being the first in the World to feature a phosphorescent element in its design: the representation of the star.

The Golden Firefly, which epitomizes the "Cannes World Film Festival", is on a mission —

to unearth rare gems, highlighting a New Generation of emerging talents and a Future Wave of filmmakers deserving greater visibility and recognition.

Only our winners are allowed to order the Statuette for themselves and their teams.

Click below to claim your Statuette with the password provided by the Festival.

About the Statuette:

- Designed on the French Riviera by Karolina Bomba, the "Luciole d'Or" (Golden Firefly) is made of

gold-plated premium quality metal mounted on a black base of wood.
- The "Luciole d'Or" is an exclusive collector's piece of the
"Cannes World Film Festival - Remember the Future".
You won't find it anywhere else. Total or partial reproduction is prohibited.
- The Statuette is shipped in an elegant black case.
- All Statuettes are custom engraved after your validation.
- The Statuette's weight: 1.787 kg & height: 30 cm
- Unique in the world! The "Luciole d'Or" holds a bright star in her hand,

emitting a beautiful green light in the dark.

FREE SHIPPING. Shipping will be made within 15-30 business days. No refunds are accepted.

Please consider that any customs duties or other import taxes that may be payable on delivery for non-EU countries are to be paid by the customer.

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"Luciole d'Or" (Golden Firefly)


One night in the future, Karolina Bomba, the founder of this Festival,

whispered in my ear this beautiful quote from Guillaume Apollinaire:

"The time has come to light the stars again."

She entrusted me with the mission of traveling the world to find rare gems
that will light up the Earth and highlight specific causes.

On this wonderful cinematic and musical journey,
I hand out magical light stars to reward sublime and moving works.

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