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Angelique Cavallari- foto by Fabrizio de Blasio11 (1).jpg

Angelique Cavallari

Angelique Cavallari is an international film and theater actress. She’s the muse of prestigious directors, in both art house and mainstream cinema. She has won several awards for her performances in various films, including the special award “La Chioma Di Berenice” as best leading actress 2018, and is recognized as a contemporary personality influential to innovative creation in art and cinema.

A published poetess, she is also the voice of sound films (experimental and classic literary and cinematic projects), mostly produced by Radio France Culture. The author of street and contemporary art performances, such as «L'Effimero e il grano» or «Phoenix Poetics Acts», she is also present in many artistic collaborations.

She’s the author and composer of experimental pieces of poetry and electronic music (the "Collection A" and the latest single "Trying to stay", as part of new group Nine Velvet). She is a painter of watercolor, ink and oil paint. President and member of the Jury in various Festivals around the world (Alexandria International Film Festival for the Mediterranean Countries (Alexandrie, Egypt); Festival Côté Court (Paris); International Malta Film Festival…). Author of the new “Le podcast d’Angelique”, where she reads poems by deceased, militant and pacifist poetesses from around the world.

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