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The films chosen for the "Best of Future" selection by the jury are presented to the public during monthly screenings at "Cineum Cannes".
The selected films are informed by the Festival in due course and no film are screened without 
the agreement of the director/production. 

Note: at this stage, French subtitles are a "must have" for all foreign language films.

We also host a Q&A with filmmakers able to attend (in-person and virtual screenings).

Note: CWFF does not require a World Premiere, but appreciates if you notify us if you are either a World Premiere, International or European Premiere (your first premiere outside your country of origin), National Premiere.

The public will vote for their favorite films, best representing the Future Wave of Cinema.
These votes are counted once a year and a "Best of Future – Audience Award" will be presented

to the winner of the year at our annual event.


* The proceeds of the ticketing are entirely donated to the Cineum Cannes. *

No upcoming events at the moment
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