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Winner: Best Artificial Intelligence Film - July 2021 Edition


Hello Jonny Caplan, thank you for having us. Tell us a little about your earlier background: your education, your first steps in professional life.

Thanks so much for this interview and the incredible award competition and ceremony. I actually started singing and dancing on stage in London from a very early age, and then progressed to televised programming on major networks in the UK. At high school I was already an aspiring entrepreneur and through a national school competition, I was awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Award for Entrepreneurship.

This propelled me to start-up a number of technology businesses during the dot com era, and led me on a path of pioneering several new markets, processes and technologies. After selling out my last tech start-up, I started to get approached by emerging entrepreneurs who wanted advice, support, mentoring and connectivity and I realized my help was needed on a larger scale. In 2017, Tech Talk Media was founded with my cousin and digital entrepreneur Ronald Hans. The mission was to create TV around all of the amazing innovation and discoveries we were making in the business world. We knew that the greater population needed to hear about the amazing advancements and changes that were taking place, and it started with our first show TechTalk. TechTalk (12x30’) first aired on Amazon Prime & Apple TV+ in October 2019. The show won 11 International Awards in 2020, was added to the UK School Curriculum for 8-13 year-olds by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) and the 50 or so emerging tech start-ups that were feat